Party Officers

The senior officers of the executive committee


Micah Haynes

County Chairman

I was born in 1990 and raised here in Vincennes for the first 18 years of my life. I grew up in a very political family where on one side everyone was very hard left and on the other, everyone was very hard right, by the conventional political spectrum. Growing up, of course, I only knew about the two-party scam and as many kids do fell sympathetic to the Democratic Party’s liberal message. However, when I graduated from Lincoln High School in 2008, I joined the Army, unsure of what else to do. Over time in the army, as is common for young people, I changed my opinions and as is common for people who join the army, I became a lot more conservative and Republican. Though at that point I was really one of the million “Casuals” of politics. But it wasn’t until Donald Trump started his campaign and started seeming like a serious contender for the office that I really started finally started trying to understand what my underlying political philosophy was other than D or R. His success in the Republican Party was what drove me to severely dislike parties at all, as what I had come to understand was a conservative Republican didn’t jive with what you might call Trump’s governing style. In December of 2016, I was discharged from active duty and disillusioned with parties and politics thinking that there was no “group” I could throw my support behind and considered myself independent. Until I found the Libertarian Party. Skeptical at first, I did plenty of research. It was also the time I found many other groups in the wider “liberty movement” such as Young Americans for Liberty and Americans for Prosperity. I voted Libertarian and attended the following year's state convention and it was then my real involvement in politics began as I volunteered to help start an affiliate in Knox County.

 I’m happy to have played my part in starting this organization and all the good it’s done so far for the community and the good it will do as we go forward. I’m a Libertarian because I know and have seen with my own eyes that when individuals are free to exercise their will within the limits drawn around them by the equal rights of others, and not at the permission and planning of government bureaucrats, all of us do better collectively. Because we’ve seen central economic planning and infringing rights and civil liberties is not only a waste of money but nearly always counter-productive. Ethically, many things governments do are in violation of their own constitutions. Which are to limit and control them, not us. And finally, on a moral basis government violates the natural or God-given rights of individuals in many ways as well. Simply put, you as an individual have a right to your life, liberty, and to pursue happiness as you see fit that no one else, including the individuals who make up the government, may violate unless you yourself are directly doing so. And I’m convinced that the Libertarian Party is the only body capable of CONSISTENTLY producing candidates that, when elected, would use good governing sense, obey the constitution, and respect the rights of individuals.

Active Committees

The dedicated liberty warriors that get the work done


This committee plans, and writes all media releases, advertising plans, and manages our social media accounts. Basically, their job is to make us look great and spread the word. That word is LIBERTY!

CHAIRWOMAN: Amanda Ginder

MEMBERS: Carol Moyer, Will Innman


Fairs, festivals, parades, benefits, dinners, meetings, meet-ups, parties, protests and more! The individuals of this team plan events the L.P.K.C. is invited to and hosts. In addition, they maintain equipment and supplies, set up and tare down events, and drive for membership.

CHAIRWOMAN: Haley Stryzinski



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